Best 35+ Lightroom Mobile Presets Download

Hello, in this article lightroom presets are explained about photo editing. Along with this, Best 35+ lightroom mobile presets have also been provided to help you in photo editing. By the way, you all know that lightroom presets are available for free as well as for money. Some people who do not have much knowledge about editing buy preset collections, but in that, preset collection people sell by including hot presets. Even after applying the picture to the present, the result is not good. So to solve the problem of all those people, I have created these presets, which you can download free of cost. You download them and apply them to photos, I can assure you that you will see a good change in the image.

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Best 35+ Lightroom Mobile Presets

All the presets in this 35+ lightroom presets collection are one-to-one. Complete details about preset downloads are given in this article. You can read the complete method on how to apply presets to photos below. By the way, all types of presets are available on our website, you must browse our website.


What Is Lightroom ?

Lightroom is a photo editing app and software developed by Adobe Systems. It is available in both desktop and mobile apps, using which photos can be edited very beautifully. The most important thing about this app is that there are many different types of filters available for free, which you can apply to your photos to enhance their beauty tenfold. A total of 15 photo editing tools are available in Lightroom, using which you can adjust the colours, shadows, exposure etc. of the photo.

This app can be used on pc, laptops, mobile, and MacBooks. In this, you will get to see some paid tools which can be opened only in lightroom premium. That’s why you buy premium apk from Adobe Systems.


About Lightroom Presets

Lightroom presets are settings created by correcting an image’s color mixing and lighting effects, which can be applied to photos in the Lightroom app and software. Presets are created by making changes to the color and lighting of a simple photo. It can then be applied to other photos with similar characteristics. Presets are created by users of Lightroom, then shared with each other. There are two types of presets. First Dng Preset and second xmp preset. Using presets in photo editing can save wasted time and get a great result.


How To Download Best 35+ Lightroom Mobile Presets

All these presets are collected and saved in a zip file. We have saved that zip code in google drive and its links are given in this article. There are simple steps of a method to download a Zip file by reading which you can be able to download.

First of all, find the download button in the article.

Now create the download button.

If the size of the Zip file is a few kb then you will get the option of direct download.

If the zip file is in MB then the link will open in the browser.

Now click on the download arrow, and the file will start downloading in a few seconds.


How To Use Best 35+ Lightroom Presets 

How to use XMP presets? We are going to tell you complete details about this. So read this paragraph carefully. The process of applying xmp presets to photos has simple steps, read and proceed.


Zip To Unzip Process –

How to unzip zip file? If you also want to know about it then read the simple steps given below.

  • First of all install Zarchiver app in mobile from play store.
  • Now open this in you mobile.
  • After this, search for the zip file where it is.
  • Now click on the zip file and select the extract here option.
  • Now you are able to unzip zip.


How To Install Xmp Presets in Lightroom –

First of all download xmp presets zip file. The method to unzip the Zip file is given below. Now open the lightroom mobile app to install presets. Now click on presets tool. After that choose your option. Now click on the three points given above. Now from here press the import presets option. Find out here that the presets are saved in the folder in the internal storage, choose that folder. Now press and hold on any one preset file and select the select all option by clicking on the three dots.


How To Use Xmp Lightroom Presets –

You’ve installed the presets, now choose the photo you want to edit. Now you are seeing many types of colour presets like colourful, faded, blurred etc., choose you’re favourite preset from these and click on it. A preset will be applied to the picture.


Preset Apply After Settings Adjust –

After applying the preset to the photo, you can modify it as you see fit. Like saturation, shadow, contrast, exposure, black and white etc. Let us tell you that after applying the preset to the photo, it is necessary to change the colour and light effect in the photo. Because not all photos have the same lighting effects and colours.


Futures :-

  • Preset Size in KB
  • HD Quality
  • Free Download
  • New And Latest Presets 2023
  • Xmp Format
  • Use In Lightroom Mobile App And Software
  • Premium Colors Effect


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You read this article and I hope you liked this article. Now you can speed up photo editing and have fun using these presets. Now on which topic do you want to read articles? Do tell me ments.


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