Black Tone Effect Lightroom Editing Presets

Black Tone Effect Lightroom Editing Presets:- Hey guys how are you all, hope everyone is well. In this article, you have been taught back tone effect photo editing using the lightroom app. Along with this black colour preset has also been provided. If you also like to edit photos in art colour, then read this article till the end. Complete information about photo editing in Kala Rang is given in this article.

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This black tone effect photo editing has been taught using all the tools of Lightroom. If you also want to make photos beautiful using lightroom, then this article is beneficial for you.


About Lightroom Mobile App

Lightroom is a great android application to enhance the beauty of photos. This app was created by Adobe company.

Nowadays all photo editors use the lightroom app the most to edit photos. Because the lightroom app has more features than other photo editing apps.

Lightroom is installed by 100M+ people on their mobile and you can also from the play store. If you want to see more features in the lightroom app then you can buy the lightroom premium app. By the way, it is more expensive for you, Adobe company is selling it in a very small amount. Top 10+ Dng Lightroom Presets Free Download

In this app, the picture can be edited in any way and I like this app very much. Friends, how did you like this? Do tell me in the comments below.

You can easily use this app even if you are new to photo editing.


Black Tone Effect Lightroom Editing

It is very easy to doblack-tonee effect photo editing in the Lightroom app. You have been told the complete method. You can see the demo of the Black Tone Effect photo above.

First of all download the lightroom app from the play store. If you want to download the lightroom premium app then buy from adobe company.

Now open lightroom on your mobile and log in with your Facebook id or Gmail.


How To Use Color Tool And Mix Tool In Lightroom Black Tone Effect Editing

After opening Lightroom on mobile, you are seeing all the options. First of all, choose the colour tool option from these.

Now by pressing the mix tool option, first select the green colour panel. Keep the saturation value at 0% and the luminance value at -30. After this choose the yellow colour panel. Keep the value of saturation at 0%.

Blue colour panel – saturation value 0%

Aqua colour panel – saturation value 0%

Pink colour panel – saturation value -50%

Red colour panel – saturation value +20 % and hue +15 %

Orange colour panel – In this, the value of saturation has to be reduced and the value of luminance has to be increased. As much as you want to lighten your complexion. You choose according to yourself.

Now go back a step and increase the vibrance to increase the depth of the colours in the image. Increase the saturation of your photos with a splash of colour.

Light Adjustment –

Select the light tool option to adjust the light effect in the photo.

Now reduce the value of exposure, contrast, white, black, highlights and shadows according to the light of the picture.

Effect Tool Use –

Now select the effect option
Decrease the value of the texture.

Keep the Vignette’s value at -30%.

Keep the value of Feather and highlights at +100%.

Details Tool Use –

In the Detail option, increase the sharpening slightly and keep the masting value at +100%.

Now increase the value of noise reduction as much as you want to smooth your face.


How To Save Photo In Dng Format In Lightroom

So, friends, you have edited the picture in art colour. Now we tell you how you can save this picture in dng format.

First of all pres,s the share option is given above.

Now export as. Select the option.

Select the dng option in the File type.

After this enter the name of the preset.

Now press the right option, and in a few seconds, this picture will be saved in raw format.


Black Tone Effect Lightroom Presets 

You can download Black Tone effect lightroom presets for free. Using this preset, you can edit photos in just one click. You have been told below how to download the preset.

First of all press the download button. Now google drive will open in front of you. given above. Hit the Download arrow. Now your work is done.

Download Preset



So friends, how did you like this black tone effect in the lightroom editing article? And if you want to read about what type of photo editing. Do tell me all this in the comments.


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