Blue And Orange Lightroom Presets Free Download

In today’s time, everyone likes photo editing and people are editing good pictures and sharing them on social media platforms and increasing followers and likes. Some people like to edit photos but they do not have complete knowledge about photo editing. That’s why they are not able to edit pictures properly. This article can help those people. In this article, I am going to give you blue and orange lightroom presets, using which you can edit photos amazingly.

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This is a good quality lightroom preset which I am giving you for free. Some people save the preset for money but I am giving it to you for free so that it will help you in photo editing. So share this preset with your friends. So that they also get help in photo editing.


Blue And Orange Lightroom Presets

Blue and orange lightroom presets made in 2023. This preset enhance the beauty of the photos. After making it, it has been tested by applying it to many images. It works well. Use it on photos that are portraits. Like outdoor portrait photos, nature portrait photos etc. How to download these presets is explained below. Also about implementation.

Use in Apps Like

  •  lightroom mobile,
  •  lightroom cc,
  •  iOS and Android Lightroom
  •  Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

System Requirement:-

  • Android Mobile Version 11.0
  • Lightroom App Latest Version 2023
  • Minimum 32 GB Storage in Mobile
  • 4 GB Ram


  • Size 20 MB
  • Raw DNG Format
  • Full HD Quality
  • Attractive Color Tone Effect
  • Free Download
  • Us In Photo Editing


Lightroom Mobile App Information

Lightroom is a great android application to enhance the beauty of photos. This app was created by Adobe company.

Lightroom is installed by 100M+ people on their mobile and you can also from the play store. If you want to see more futures in the lightroom app then you can buy the lightroom premium app. By the way, it is more expensive for you, Adobe company is selling it in a very small amount.


Lightroom Photo Editing Information

Light Tool – To fix the light of the picture, you use the light tool and use the curves tool in it.

Colour Mixing – If you want to mix the colours of the picture, then use the mixing tool. For colour, grading.

Face Smooth – If you want to smoothen your face and fix the texture, then use the details option.

Quality Increase – You can uanthe effective tool to change the quality of the picture to HD quality.


How To Download Blue And Orange Lightroom Presets

So guys you like these presets and you are eager to get them. So we have to follow the path given to us. There is a very simple way to download the blue and orange lightroom preset and you will be able to download it easily.

First of all press the download button given in this article. After that in front you will get the booties to get preset. Preset downloading will start as soon as you press this button


How To Use Dng Lightroom Presets

So,  friends, you have downloaded the preset. But it remains to be used. So now I am going to tell you how to use it, so read this article carefully. It is very easy to apply blue and orange preset to photos and you can easily do it. Just try the way told by us.

First of all, install the lightroom application on your mobile from the play store.

Now open the lightroom app on your mobile. After that  Us a photo from your gallery which you want to edit by pressing add photo option given below.

Also, add a preset. Now open the preset in Lightroom and copy the settings of the preset.

After that open the photos in lightroom and select the paste settings option from the menu settings.

The preset has been applied to your photo and the beauty of the photo has increased tenfold.


Download Preset


So, friends, you read this article on blue and orange lightroom presets. How did you find it? Next, you might want to read the photo editing article of the done type. Do tell me all this in the comments.


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