Broken Heart CB Photo Editing Png And Preset

Broken Heart CB Photo Editing Png And Preset :- In recent times, CB photo editing is going on very fast. CB-edited images are visible on every social media platform. People are increasing a lot of likes and followers by uploading CB editing images on social media platforms. Along with this, the wealth of his account is also increasing rapidly. So that’s why I thought why not you should also be told about cb photo editing. So in this article, I will teach you broken heart cb photo editing. Together I will provide heart effect glowing png and love text png images.

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Today’s cb photo editing will be a lot of fun. That’s why read this article till the end.

You will get complete information about photo editing in this article.


Broken Heart CB Photo Editing Png And Preset
Broken Heart CB Photo Editing Png And Preset


Broken Heart CB Photo Editing Full Details

This cb photo editing is done using more than one editing android app. A Preset is used in the colour grading of the photo.

Some changes have been made to the colour and lighting after applying the preset.

Lightroom, Autodesk, And Snapseed Appa have been used in this broken heart cb photo editing. You can install all these apps on your mobile from Play Store. Can see the demo of this editing in the above image. You will see both before and after images. The photos have been edited very well and I know you also want to do this type of editing. I can assure you that you will be able to do this type of CB photo editing after reading this article till the end.


Photo Edit In Lightroom – Apply Dng Preset

In Lightroom mobile app, we will edit the photo with the help of a preset. This preset will make a nice change in colour and lighting in your photo. Along with this, there will be brightness and a fair complexion in the photo. Read below on how to apply preset photos.

First of all, install the lightroom application on your mobile from the play store.

Now open the lightroom app on your mobile. After that  Us a photo from your gallery which you want to edit by pressing add photo option given below.

Also, add a preset. Now open the sweet green and dark preset in Lightroom and copy the settings of the preset.

After that open the photos in lightroom and select the paste settings option from the menu settings.

The preset has been applied to your photo and the beauty of the photo has increased tenfold.


PhotoRoom App
PhotoRoom App

Photo Edit In PhotoRoom – Background Blur

PhotoRoom app is mainly used to blur the background of photos. We will use this app to blur the background of the picture. The method of blurring is given below.

  • First, share the image in the n photo room app.
  • Now, wait for a few seconds.
  • Now go up the screen. Scrolling. Below you will see options for background blur, bokeh effect etc.
  • After that select the background blur option.
  • Share the images to internal storage.
  • Now your needs are met.


Snapseed App
Snapseed App

Photo Edit In Snapseed – Pimple Disappear And Dark Skin Clear

In the Snapseed app, you can easily remove pimples from your face in the photos. Together, you can remove the dark circles on the face. If you want to know about it then the below method is mentioned, read that.
First of all, install the Snapseed app on your mobile.
Now open the image you want to clean your face in this app.

  • Now select the tools option.
  • Now you are seeing all the tools, choose the selective tool option from it.
  • After this, put the plus sign on the spots on the face. Now select the dark circle area.
  • Now fix the lighting effect and remove the dark spots.
  • Use a selective tool two or three times on the face and clean the face


Autodesk App
Autodesk App

Autodesk Sketchbook – Face Smooth 

It is very important to choose the skin of the face in the picture. Without this, instead of increasing the beauty of the photo, it is caste. The best app for smoothing faces in photos is autodesk sketchbook, which you can download from the play store. You have been told below the method to make the face smooth. Read it and move on.

Download Autodesk apps to the Play Store.

Now open the picture in this app in which you want to smooth the skin of the face.

After this, select the library option from above.

Now you can see all the options like brush, marker, and pencil.

Choose the number 6 brush from the Traditional option.

Now select the smudge option in place of erase at the top.

Brush Size = 30 – 40

Flow = 15 – 20

Strength = 25 – 35

After this, run this brush on the face and make the face smooth.


Picsart App
Picsart App

Photo Edit In Picsart – Png Images Add

Now use the PicsArt app to add love and heart PNG images to the picture. All types of futures are available in the Picsart app which is not in every app.

First of all open the photo in the PicsArt app.

Now add png images with the help of add photo or draw tool option.


CB Editing Preset

Png Images HD


You read this cb photo editing article. Hope you got to learn a lot from this article. Now on which topic do you want to read the article next? Do tell me all this in the comments.


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