Top 10+ Dng Lightroom Presets Free Download

Top 10+ Dng Lightroom Presets Free Download:- Hello friends, welcome to all of you in the article is that on dng lightroom presets. I’m your friend Kailash, and I hope everyone is well. So friends today in this article we have brought 10+ dng lightroom presets for you which you can apply to your photos to enhance their beauty. You will find all kinds of presets in this dng presets collection. You all know that nowadays photo editing is going on very fast that’s why we have prepared this dng lightroom preset for you to help you in editing photos.

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By using these presets you can make the photo very attractive and amazing.

If you also like photo editing then definitely try these dng presets once.


Top 10+ Dng Lightroom Presets Free Download
Top 10+ Dng Lightroom Presets Free Download

Top 10+ Dng Lightroom Presets Free Download

This dng lightroom presets are made to be professional photography. This presets collection includes presets like moody, faded, nature, portrait, foggy and urban etc. You are in search of good lightroom presets that’s why you have visited our website. We have provided you with the best and most beneficial dng presets which are only available on our website.


Lightroom Mobile App And Lightroom Photo Editing 

Lightroom is a great android application to enhance the beauty of photos. This app was created by Adobe company.

Nowadays all photo editors use the lightroom app the most to edit photos. Because the lightroom app has more features than other photo editing apps.

Lightroom is installed by 100M+ people on their mobile and you can also from the play store. If you want to see more futures in the lightroom app then you can buy the lightroom premium app. By the way, it is more expensive for you, Adobe company is selling it in a very small amount. Top 10+ Dng Lightroom Presets Free Download

In this app, the picture can be edited in any way and I like this app very much. Friends, how did you like this? Do tell me in the comments below.

You can easily use this app even if you are new to photo editing.

Light Tool – To fix the light of the picture, you use the light tool and use the curves tool in it.

Colour Mixing – If you want to mix the colours of the picture, then use the mixing tool. For colour, gradingusese the highlights, shadows and mid-tones given in the grading option.

Face Smooth – If you want to smoothen your face and fix the texture, then use the details option.

Quality Increase – You can use an effective tool to change the quality of the picture to HD quality.


Top 10+ Dng Lightroom Presets Free Download

We have created a zip file of 10+dng lightroom presets and have given the link to that zip file as google drive. If you already know how to download from google drive then download these dng presets. Those who do not know much about google drive, read the mention of the following steps mentioned by us.

hit the download button

Now download the zip file from here.


Dng Presets Use And Add In Lightroom App Full Details

To use these dng presets you must first unzip the zip file. You can easily unzip a zip file with the help of the archiver app. Download the Zarchiver app from the play store.

About – Zarchiver App

Zarchiver is an android application which is used to create zip files and unthe zip files. If you want to share a lot of photos with someone or something, then share them by creating a zip file.

Zip to unzip Process –

So now we tell you how you can unzip a zip file. Zip to unzip is very easy and you will be able to do it easily.

  • First press the zip file
  • Now click on extract here option
  • After that choose the ok option
  • now your zip file is unzipped
  • After unzipping see the above 10+ dng presets in a new folder
Add Lightroom Presets –

Open the Dng Lightroom Presets folder. After that, you will see 10+ dng presets. Now press and hold on to any one preset and select all by clicking on menu settings. Now share all these presets in the lightroom app.


How To Use Png Presets In Lightroom App

Dng Presets is very easy to apply on photos and you can easily apply on photos. If you use the lightroom app since old times then you must know how dng presets are applied to photos. If you are new and you do not know about the lightroom app, then try the way we have mentioned.

First of all, dng presets and photos have to be added to the lightroom app. After that, the preset has to be opened in the lightroom app. Now click on the menu settings option and choose copy settings option. After that open the photo in Lightroom. Now select the paste settings option by pressing the menu settings option. Now the preset has been applied to your photo.


Password = 2020


Presets Download


  • New and latest dng presets 2023
  • Free download
  • No Bugs
  • All dng presets in HD quality
  • Amazing colours effect
  • All-time premium support


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